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Create your very OWN wood Nativity Scene



1 2″x 2″x 2′ piece of lumber

1 1″x 2″ x 4′ piece of lumber

2 1.5″ round wood doll heads (found at the craft store)

1 3/4″ round wood disk (found in the same aisle as the doll heads)

1 wood star (about 1″across)

3 colors of paint (I used blue, Green, and white but fought the urge for lavender and teal)

1 Piece of burlap roughly 4″ x 6″

Twine long enough to wrap the people twice

Hot Glue Gun

a few nails and a hammer


1) Cut lumber into following pieces 1 @ 2″ x 2″x 6″ (Josephs body) 1 @ 2″ x 2″ x 5.25″ (Mary’s body) 1 @ 1″x 2″x 3″ (baby Jesus’s body) 2 @ 1″x 2″ x 9″ with 1 end having a 45degree angle cut (this is the barn sides, the angles will help the roof connect) 1 @ 1″x 2″x 6″ and 1 @ 1″x 2″ x 5.25″

2) Paint Peoples Bodies and star.  I used a paint brush and was super streaky to give it a more rustic/vintage look

3) Once paint drys hot glue heads onto bodies

4) Lay “Mary” down on top of the burlap bring the top two corners into her middle (it will cover her head slightly like a hood) glue… a picture is best to explain how the back looks. Mostly because I can’t explain it with hand motions in a blog


See what I mean its easier to see the back then try and explain it?

See what I mean its easier to see the back then try and explain it?

5) Hot glue Mary and Joesph together AND then glue Jesus’s body angled on top.

6) “Tie” the family together with twine.

Look how cute!! All most finished

Look how cute!! All most finished

7) Now to build the barn: Nail the two shorter 1 x 2 pieces together at a 90 degree angle making the shorter piece the “bottom”so both will equal 6” long

8) Pre-drill pilot holes into angled roof where the 2 sides will connect. Line the angled sides up to match the roof so it will all be 90 degrees. hammer nails through the roof and into the sides. (you could also use wood glue if that’s easier just make sure to let it full dry before standing it up)

waiting for the glue to dry (I also nailed it)

waiting for the glue to dry (I also nailed it)

9) Paint or stain the Barn if you wish. I left mine plain because again it looked more vintage/rustic

10) Hot glue yellow star to the top of the roof

11) Set up and enjoy!




My love for Nativity Scenes


When I was a little girl I loved to help set up my family’s nativity scene. The Nativity Scene was a gift from my Dad to my Mom and every year he would give her a new piece to add to the scene, which in turn gave me another piece to play with…I mean set up.  I was so into “setting up the Nativity scene”that it changed daily and mom had to rubber band baby Jesus into the manger so he wouldn’t get lost….

Fast forward a few years its safe to say I still love the nativity scene and I still secretly love playing with it. I now have several, a hand made one from Mexico, a recycled paper one from Africa, and one that every year my Grandparents add to.

My growing set from my grandparents

My growing set from my grandparents

Each year I get just as excited as I did when I was a little girl about setting up my Nativity Scenes.  I arrange them all several times until they are perfect! And every time I see a cool set in a store, magazine, or at somebody’s house I have to stop and admire the beauty (and secretly wish I had a spot for another set).

This set was a birthday present and it was made in Africa

This set was a birthday present and it was made in Africa

The other night while I was laying in bed cruising Pintrest I came across a board with tons of pins for nativity scenes.  I instantly became wide awake as I drooled over each and every one plotting my next move! And then I found it, the cutest handmade, wood nativity people ever! So what did I do? I went to work the next day dug through the lumber rack, found me some materials and made me one (and a barn because I can’t have baby Jesus getting wet and sick).


The newest Nativity

The newest Nativity

I swore I wouldn’t….


I swore that this year, MOST (if not all) of my Christmas gifts would be purchased.  I work two jobs, am planning a wedding, and trying to have a life (snuggling with the boys on the couch). I DON’T have time to make gifts!! I ended up making several gifts….

One of my favorite gifts was a wine rack. I had found the idea while  shopping for a client at my design job.  Being crafty (in both meanings) I decided I would make it!

It started with stealing a pallet from the neighboring business.  I chose the most weathered for its patina.   I should have chosen the straightest and most square pallet because  I ended up staining the wood.The start

I cut it into quarters and it then sat around my work for a few days.  You will find MOST of my projects, while could be done in a day, have to sit around for several days before I do it. But during this time I bought all my supplies. (Plywood, stain, new jigsaw blades, wood glue)

Then the construction happened! Matt, my coworker, taught me how to use the table saw (which was super exciting and I giggled the whole time). We cut 2 shelves that would fit snug into the pallet and one that would hold the wine glasses. Next I measured and drilled where the steams of the wine glasses would go.  Then we hammered everything together. By this point it stopped looking like a pallet and started looking like my picture!

We had to get an idea ;)

We had to get an idea 😉

We stained it a dark walnut color and then scuffed it up, then stained it again.  This made it look a tad more weathered and salvaged!

stained!Once it dried we had to hang it in my apartment to get an idea of what it will look like.

photo 3

It’s wrapped and under the tree waiting for Christmas day though Dan is already asking if I will make us one….

Oh Salvage Tree


Hooray!! It’s Christmas time!! It’s time to snuggle in my JJs with my boys and drink hot cocoa. It’s time to watch Christmas movies and enjoy long lost Christmas tunes. It’s time to decorate my house in festive decorations. Most of all its time for holiday crafts!! About this time every year I decide that I’m going to make everybody in my family their Christmas presents. Each of my 10 family members will get a special, unique, personalized gift that I had made just for them! I will rationalize how if I make ONE gift a night I will have them all finished by the holiday.  This ALWAYS results in stress, massive meltdowns, and half finished gifts.

This year, while I am crafting some presents, I’ve focused my powers on something different.  I am addicted to making Christmas trees! It started as tall skinny cedar triangles for a store display…

Ceder Trees

then in turned into DIY molding tree kits for work…

The Red Molding Tree

THEN it became a ladder tree for my main work display…

A Ladder Tree and Molding Star of course ;)

NEXT it was trees I made from vinyl and glass block…

photo (2)

and Last but certainly not least it was Corrugated Metal Roofing Trees! (Mine didn’t turn out so here’s what they were SUPPOSED to look like)…

Thanks to Pintrest for this photo!

Thanks to Pintrest for this photo!

The boys and I are buying a real tree tomorrow to decorate. However if I’m not careful I am going to end up having a forest of salvaged Christmas trees in my apartment. And at this point I’m not sure I would mind that!