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Feeling the Patriotic Love


I’m sure you have figured out by now that I have a “thing” for decorating for the holidays and seasons. Recently I became bored with my decorations and began thinking of something different and new.  Dan made the observation I had very few patriotic decorations.  This isn’t due to being unamerican or anti-patriotic.  There just aren’t as many decorations out there to support the love of these holidays. So when I found a picture of a wooden stair spindle turned Uncle Sam on the great wide world of the internet I couldn’t resist. I immediately went shopping in the huge wooden spindle section at work and found the best one for Uncle Sam’s body.  I then trimmed it down to be level on both ends (which also made him shorter). I used the extra wood that was cut off for his hat. I also used 1×4 and 1×6 scrap material for the base and the base of his hat.  With a little bit of painting and a lot of fun playing with star buttons, I created my new favorite decoration.

What a great face!

What a great face!


1 wooden stair spindle

2″ square for hat

Sand paper

Scrap wood for the base and hat base

Blue, Red, White, and Flesh paint


Patriotic Star Buttons

3 Large wooden hearts

Permanent Marker

Painter’s Tape




1) Sand the spindle so the paint will stick.

2) Prime the entire spindle; this makes it easier to paint and you will use less paint in the long run.

3) Paint the mid section of the spindle blue; apply several coats as needed.  This is his body so don’t paint the solid square parts as they are his legs and face.

4) Once the blue paint has dried, paint the lower square section of the spindle white.  Also paint the wood (hat) square white.  Apply several coats as needed.

5) Once the white paint is COMPLETELY dry, tape off stripes in the spindle base and hat.

6) Once the stripes have been taped off, paint over it with white paint; this will “seal” the tape and you will have less bleeding under the tape.

7) When the white paint has dried, paint over it with red paint.  This gives his pants and hat stripes. Remove painters tape once paint has dried.

8) Paint the hat base and wood base solid red.

9) Paint his face flesh colored.

10) Hot glue the base to the spindle, hat base to the top of the spindle, and the square onto the hat base.

11) Use the large wooden hearts to build a mustache. Cut 2 of the hearts in half with a knife (Think of a “ying” shape). Glue the 2 yings to the 3rd heart. They will be the “handle bars” on his beard/mustache.

12) Paint the beard white.

13) Glue the beard on the face of Uncle Sam.

14) Using a small paint brush and white paint make 2 small white lines on face as eye brows.  Then with a permanent marker make 2 round black dots for eyes.

15) Enjoy!




Wreath Mania


I like to make wreaths for my door. Remember when I talked about being sad I didnt have a wreath after christmas so I made a valentines wreath? Well this year was worse becuase I had a wreath on my door from October until the end of Febuary. So I made a St Patricks day wreath with green tulle and ribbons.  After that I couldn’t handle Apirl coming and my door being naked! So I made a spring wreath.

St. Patty's Day wreath

St. Patty’s Day wreath

The spring wreath

The spring wreath

THAT’S when it all went downhill! After my spring wreath had been up for a week or two my neighbor catches me one morning on my way out the door  and she starts telling me how she loves my wreaths, they make her so happy, and she can’t wait for the NEXT one. Crap!! I needed a next one for her (or and maybe for me, but I couldn’t let my fans down!!) So I went to Pintrest and found tons and tons of wreath ideas and a bunch for 4th of July/paricotic wreaths.  I found the PERFECT one! A wreath made out of old wooden clothes pins painted like the flag. Easy enough! I got my mom and  sister involved over Memorial day weekend to help me make my wreath.  It was instant love and I couldn’t wait to show it off!!

Showing off the finished goods with my mom and sister

Showing off the finished goods with my mom and sister

It was super easy (a little time consuming) and very festive! Here are the steps to make yours!


54 Wooden Clothes Pins (The Pinching Kind)

Craft Paint in Blue, Red, and White

3 Foam Paint Brushes

Wooden stars (I used foam sparkle star stickers)

A 12″ Wire Wreath Form



1) Divide the wooden clothes pins into 3 stacks of 18.

2) With the first stack of wooden clothes pins paint all sides blue.  Don’t forget to paint the inside as well since you will be able to see it.

3) Repeat step 2 using red and white paint.

4) Once the clothes pins are dry, start with the blue pins and clip them one to the wreath form.  The first pin clips onto the 3 wire while the second clips onto the 2nd wire. Alternate the clothes pins until all 18 blue pins are on the form.

5) Then starting with the white, fasten 3 white pins in the same fashion as the blue. Then add 3 red pins. Repeat the process until all the remaining clothes pins are attached to the wreath

6) Now attach the stars to the wreath.  If you went with wooden stars, paint them a fun sparkly color and glue onto the blue pins.

7) Hang and enjoy!



Hanging on my door waiting for my neighbor to walk by.

Hanging on my door waiting for my neighbor to walk by.