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Hello Stranger


My name is Lacy and I have a problem- I love to do projects, reupholster, and blog.  So what’s the problem with that you ask? I have been so incredibly busy that I haven’t been blogging, or doing projects, or upholstering, or doing anything fun until recently. What had me so busy that I can’t focus on what I love? Well…. Let’s start from the beginning!

Back in October I announced that I was pregnant! My little family was about to get a little bigger and this addition would be the moment MY apartment became too small to function (I want it known that it was my pregnant tummy that made the apartment too small NOT all of my projects). So we began the impossible hunt of finding a bigger place in Seattle that we could afford. Let me tell you, it almost didn’t happen.  We gave up the hunt and decided to stay in the apartment when…

Baby’s first picture

Two days before Thanksgiving, after giving up the hunt for a new place to live I received an email about a rental house that was outside of our search area but inside out budget AND was the right size.  Did I mention it was a house?! With a lawn?! AND a two car garage?! So I went to see this place.  I was the first one there (over 50 people showed up to the open house), we would be the first ones to get our paper work in (first out of 30 applicants), and signed an agreement we would move in Jan. 1st.  I’m not going to lie looking back I should have had my head examined.  While the ad showed a cute, 2 bedroom, big yard, late 1930’s home, the house in reality was scary!! It was dark, dingy, smelled AWFUL, too far from where I was comfortable, super outdated, and did I mention it was dirty and gross? But we moved.  The girl who does NOT move, moved while she was 5 and a half months pregnant during the Seahawks playoffs.

Dan would tell you “i had it up to here with moving” 5.5 months pregnant

I cried the first week I lived in the house and I was only seeing the negatives.  Then, slowly, the dirty, dingy 1938 home was cleaned, painted, had my furniture and my stuff in it and it became home. It became my home about a month before Henry arrived.

Henry Brian

Henry arrived almost 3 weeks early on April 16th.  We brought him home the next day to a little house in a neighborhood that just a few months earlier I had hated, to a house that (much to my dismay) had become our home, and to a room that I had poured my heart and soul into prepping. Four days later our landlord would announce the homeowner of the house wanted to sell and would need us to be ready for house showings and relators and blah blah blah. The range of emotions that went through our new family’s hearts was incredible and just as we had wrapped our heads around the idea we would need to find a new place and move, he decided not to sell.

WHAT?! I was put through all that emotional turmoil for nothing?! I had just finally gotten over my annoyance when guess who decided he wanted to sell the house again? But this time he wanted to offer the house to us! So with a month old baby we started the VERY long process of buying our first home. We became homeowners on July 29th. During the whole commotion of buying a house I took care of a new family, discovered just how strong I could be with very little sleep, I went back to work, and adjusted to our new life.

The house that became our home

So what now?! What am I going to do with myself now that my life is settling down and destressing? Well for starters I have started doing my upholstery again, along with my projects, cooking, making MY house mine, yard work and gardening, basically just enjoying my new, very exciting life. So welcome back and enjoy the ride because I have a whole garage (and head) full of projects, a vintage house that needs LOTS of love, and a new family to make things interesting…

welcome back 🙂