Upholstery Summer

Upholstery Summer

Over the past few weeks it went from 90 degree summer weather (Seattle had a HOT summer) to nice fall days.  With this weather change I’m ready to clean the dead plants off my porch, put away the grill (even though Dan is not), start cooking with the oven and crock pot again, dig out the jeans and boots, maybe even a coat, and of course, blog. Its not that I don’t want to blog during the summer or even that I don’t do projects in the summer, I just get busy with, well, summer things. And this summer has been no exception! While we didn’t go on vacation we did travel to Eastern WA several times to visit my family .  At work I was busy helping customers with their projects. I helped customers with everything from how to use salvaged material for small craft type items to giving advice on a bathroom remodel.  But don’t think for one moment I did not take my work home with me, because I would be a liar if I told you otherwise.

When not at work, spending time with family and friends, or enjoying my patio with Dan and cats I spent my days (and nights) learning everything I could about upholstery. With every book I read and every free (or nearly free) project I acquired, the more obsessed I became.

I started the summer with learning how to redo simple dinning chair seats, and gradually progressed to a paying customer and 4 evil box cushions for her amazing mid century chairs. Before I continue, I must say box cushions are not easy as YouTube videos make it out to be! It was at this moment I realized how lucky I was have a have a weekly class to attend for help and a great group of ladies from my class to support me! Otherwise those cushions would never have been finished and I would have given up forever.
The finished "dreaded" box cushions

The finished “dreaded” box cushions

But after that I treated myself to a shopping trip.  While most ladies love to go to the mall for clothes, shoes, and purses, Dan and celebrated the completion of the mid-century chairs with a trip to Harbor Freight.  For those who are unaware of Harbor Freight, its heaven on earth.  Ok maybe not heaven but pretty close! It’s a mid-range priced tool store, which is perfect for a beginner like me! I bought myself my very own upholstery gun, staples, air hoses for the air compressor I scored for a good deal a year ago, and all the fittings.  We ended up with a few more items but everything was about getting me set up!
At the end of July I scored big! A neighbor moved out and left the cutest vintage metal bistro set.  The “flip” of this set became my shinning moment, the moment where I realized that no matter how hard some things can be (I’m talking about you, you stupid box cushion) that this is truly one of my passions. Don’t worry I will be talking more about this set soon!
The score of the summer PRE me working on it

The score of the summer PRE me working on it

I’ve ended my upholstery filled summer with a storage unit. Lame right? But this unit now provides me with the space I need to store finished projects waiting for a good home, and a place for my to keep my unfinished projects! Now they are all cleared out of the living room…dinning room…office…bedroom…and my car. And once again I have the motivation and room to craft, upholster, create, cook, and live happily! Welcome Fall.
We were in the process of moving into the unit and out of my living room

We were in the process of moving into the unit and out of my living room


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