Love at first light

With all the craziness going on these days (work, wedding planning, life) it’s hard for me to listen to the universe and all that is tells me.  This past week it FORCED me to stop and listen.
My apartment was built in the 1940’s and has an amazing open floor plan that was hip to the era.  It was updated in the 70’s and hasn’t changed much (unless it NEEDED it) since. The apartment has charm even without my funky, eclectic style.
The major problem in my apartment is lighting. THERE IS NO CIELING LIGHTING OUTSIDE OF THE KITCHEN! This means my living/dining/office area is withouth over head lighting, which is fine because I’m not a fan.  I have gathered a rather large collection of accent lighting (mostly table lamps of all eras and style) but no matter how much lighting I put in my space, the dinning “room” remained dark.
I always imagined the original idea of the apartment was to have sweet, new fangled swag light above the table. I have always kept my eyes open for the piece that would finish the space.
At work about a month ago, this adorable mid century light came in.  It was gold and had colored poka dots on it (oddly enough the colors are the exact colors and shades of my apartment) AND it was a swag light.
I got a new phone so all the original pic of the lamp in the store is gone :(

I got a new phone so all the original pic of the lamp in the store is gone 😦

I fell in love but for some reason I didn’t buy it. I thought about it for a week and when I decided to buy it, it was gone!!! Somebody had bought it (or so I thought). Last week it came back into the store! It had been rented for a movie set and had finally come back to…another customer!!! It was not meant to be mine! But now I knew what I wanted! I went home and searched the internet and found one that could work. I went into work the next day AND that damn light had come back to the store AGAIN!!! Before anybody could take it away from me AGAIN, I bought it and made it mine! We went IKEA to buy a new swag light kit and hung it the moment I got home.
It is love at first light…I mean sight 😉
Now I wont eat in the dark again!

Now I wont eat in the dark again!


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