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All it needs is a little love…


“All it needs is a little love!” This was the phrase my 30 year old parents said when they bought their first house.  The house that I grew up in was small and was constantly needing a little love and a lot of money.  It was referred to as a “fixer-upper”.

This phrase is one I found myself using just this afternoon when I was trying to convince myself that I NEEDED this beautiful craftsman pantry hutch.  In my mind all I could see is a beautiful old growth fir cabinet with classic straight lines of the craftsman style.  This amazing piece of history, as I would tell my boyfriend, is just what I need for my sewing stuff! It would work later in life too when we buy our home and it can be used ANYWHERE!!

To pull at his heart strings just a little more I threw in the idea that with a fresh coat of paint it would look great in our future baby’s room. My boyfriend, not being a stupid man, asked to see a picture of this “amazing, beautiful, too good to be true cabinet”. And all he saw was yet ANOTHER project that would sit around the apartment half stripped, half sanded, a constant reminded that I may have bit off more than I could chew.  Mr. Practical also saw another $50 worth of all natural paint stripper and a weekend of stripping paint and sanding ahead of him.

Here is the cabinet as it sat in the store.  This picture that I took several times would be the one I would use to lure the boyfriend in.

Here is the cabinet as it sat in the store. This picture that I took several times would be the one I would use to lure the boyfriend in.

At this point I found myself becoming super attached to this cabinet and feeling like only I could love this piece of furniture and restore it to the amazing idea I had in my mind. The more I thought about it the more this piece needed me!! I had asked the universe for this piece (granted, when I asked the universe to present the piece to store my fabric I may have envisioned something a little less project-y). None the less I had asked for it and the universe had, once again, filled my need.  I had decided; it WOULD go home with me!

The boyfriend shows up after work to collect the cabinet, since my car obviously wouldn’t carry it. He starts to point out its few flaws that I may have “forgotten” to mention.  There is water damage from being mistreated, one of the drawers is cracked and needs a few set nails and wood glue, it had been painted AT LEAST 10 times, oh and did I forget to mention its slightly uneven and unbalanced? None of this has deterred me, in fact its part of a challenge. And without thinking I uttered the phrase that will one day be the death of me because after all “all it needs is a little love”.

The cabinet in its temporary spot has already had its doors removed so I can start right away

The cabinet in its temporary spot has already had its doors removed so I can start right away


A Salvage-ista First!


I wrote this post, no joke, 10 times! I am a girl in her twenties who loves everything salvaged and vintage! I went to school for Interior Design and while there I discovered that, not only is design my passion, I LOVE to re-purpose, rethink, and reuse. Which turned out great because after school I got a job at the local architectural salvage company Earthwise. Earthwise allows me to use salvaged materials in interiors but also allows me the chance to find unique treasures.  Some of the treasures make it home to my small apartment where my cats and boyfriend have learned to shuffle around the “projects” and have learned that my sense of a good time is to strip the paint off just to turn around and paint it again.

When I’m not working, I am a craft-aholic. I love to sew everything from pillows to table runners to quilts for my bed. I am constantly redoing my apartment (because I am just positive my couch might look good over there..or there..). I love to garden on my porch and grow happy, colorful flowers that make my neighbors jealous.


I am madly in love with my boys!! My boyfriend, and two male cats make me very happy (and warm). Cledus and Henley came to me at a time when I needed someone to love and while they are a constant pain and naughty as all get out, they remain my favorite part of my apartment and life.  Then there’s Dan, a lover of all things vintage and all things with locks (hes a locksmith), hes probably the most patient person in the whole wide world and keeps me fairly sane.

Cledus and Henley

So what will the Salvage-ista talk about? Well for starters I will be talking about my salvage projects! My cats…and probably my boyfriend! Life in Seattle…well just my life in general!